Aerial & Dish Removal

Professional TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Removal 

DAB Digital can professionally and safely remove any unwanted, unused, old and damaged TV aerials and Satellite Dishes  across East Anglia 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are committed to improving the appearance and safety of your home or business by removing all types, sizes, and ages of TV Aerials and satellite dishes, Aerial and Dish Removal at its best with 100% Guarantee

Why You Should Remove Old Aerials & Satellite Dishes

Now that more and more homes have access  to cable TV or new services offering TV through your broadband, like sky’s new plans that will see the latest SKY Q TV service made available to customers without the need for a satellite dish in  late 2018 , there are and will be an increased number of unused aerial, satellite dishes and unsightly cables that create an unnecessary eyesore on the house’s exterior

Most importantly the danger of damaging your own or a neighbours property or injuring someone as it falls to the ground after a storm.

Corrosion can occur on the steel poles, wires & fittings over the years which could pose a safety risk in high winds and storms. If your TV antenna comes down in a storm your roof tiles can crack causing substantial damage to your home in wet conditions. Corrosion can be a big concern for home owners who live in coastal areas due to the amount of salt air

Removing that old aerial is not only pleasant to the eye and improving the look of your property but can save you £££££’s on 

The Removal Process

We will remove your unwanted Aerial or Satellite Dish’s including brackets, fixings, all exterior cabling and cable clips sealing and making good any damage to brickwork caused by initial installation.

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