Bird Prevention

Bird Prevention Solutions

Birds can cause an extreme nuisance when perching on your TV Aerial making a mess on your property Patio  or Car.
We have tried to make your life easier by providing you with the best bird prevention solutions on the market.
We can identify the area causing you a problem and we will recommend appropriate products. There are several solutions for each area, mostly this comes down to personal preference although in some circumstances we would recommend certain options over others please note this does not harm birds but purely prevents them from perching on your antenna.
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TV Aerial Solutions

Nothing is quite as annoying as being part way through a program and having birds land on your aerial or Sky dish and cause the reception to go. A good way to keep birds off your TV aerial is to use the TV Aerial Bird Spike Kit, or for both aerials and dishes Transparent Bird Gel is very effective.

Solar Panel Solutions

Birds naturally search out high vantage points and in the modern world nothing quite beats a good roof. A lot of us have solar panels on our roofs now, and unfortunately bird guano will cause them to be less efficient as it stops the sun from being able to reach the panels. We recommend using Pigeon Spikes to deter birds from landing on your roof.

Chimney Solutions

Chimneys are very appealing for birds to nest in and this can result in nesting debris falling down your chimney. Its important to note that once nested it is illegal to interfere with the nest some bird species. An easy to install Chimney Guard offers a cost effective solution for keeping birds off your property without impacting the aesthetic of your home.

Gutter Solutions

Birds can cause quite a nuisance when landing in gutters, leaving debris and guano that can cause blockages to occur and the need for unnecessary cleaning of guttering. The best way to prevent this is to deter birds from landing by putting up Bird Spikes using Gutter Clips to keep your gutter flowing. If you need to carry out any maintenance on your gutter the Gutter Clips simply slide off the edge.

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