CCTV Installation Services

We provide a range of CCTV HD (high definition) systems including the latest 4K technology for the home which can be viewed on your phone, Ipad and/or PC to allow you to view images from anywhere in the world.

CCTV installation is becoming more affordable for Homes small to medium size businesses on lower budgets, thanks to the CCTV manufacturer’s wide range of affordable  CCTV cameras. we provide customers with a huge amount of choice in terms of image quality, style of camera and most importantly, price.

HikVison CCTV
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What you need for a basic CCTV set-up

For a basic CCTV installation, all you need is a Network Video Recorder (NVR), the required number of  CCTV cameras and cabling. NVRs also come with a built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and POC, which cuts down cabling costs and neatness because cameras can be operated and powered with just one cable. 

Hikvision Professional cameras come in many styles and offer different, variables including the amount of storage available for the NVR and the megapixels of the individual cameras, anything from 1 to 8 MP depending on what level of images you would like to receive.  We also understand the importance of choosing the correct hard drive to store any recorded camera footage.Our

HD CCTV on a budget

We can install Hikvision HD CCTV cameras using your existing analogue cabling, allowing for further savings on time and cost. There are lots of different camera types for any environment, be it indoors or out. All you need is an HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 1080p cameras, an LED screen and PSU (power supply).

Looking after your CCTV

When we install a Home or Small Business CCTV system, we will maintain it for free for the first year.  Taking out a maintenance support contract with us for the subsequent years gives customers the peace of mind that they have a CCTV system they can rely on.

A good maintenance contract will ensure the working order of the camera system and establish that your system is taking advantage of the latest software upgrades. see more >>>>>

Talk to us about your Hikvision CCTV installation

If your thinking about a CCTV system then we can design, commission and install bespoke CCTV systems to your exact specifications or requirements. Give us a call on 01502 573400  to discuss the options available for your CCTV Installation.

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