Extra TV Points

Extra Points and Muti-Room Distribution

Need an extra TV point in the bedroom? What about a TV point in the play room so the kids can watch their own programs without being under your feet?

Most people have televisions in more than one room of their house. If you require additional sockets installing into multiple rooms these can usually be connected to your existing aerial. There are no limits to the number of additional points that can be installed, as long as you have a sufficient aerial signal to supply them. Using digital ready RG6 coaxial cabling will reduce interference and provide a top quality picture.

We wouldn’t recommend using an indoor portable aerial when adding an additional socket will provide a higher quality picture.

When adding an additional TV point from your existing aerial you will require a splitter and coaxial cable into the room where the socket is required. For one additional TV point we would charge £49, however if you want to install multiple connections into several rooms we would offer a discounted rate on the additional rooms. The most cost effective way to add multiple points throughout your home is to have the extensions installed at the same time as the initial aerial install. Call the office and explain how many rooms you require at the time of booking and the staff will include this in your quote. We can provide a quote over the phone, however when multiple rooms are required it would be best for the engineer to attend your property to measure the signal strength coming from the aerial. He will need to identify the strength of the signal coming from your aerial in order to identify whether a amplifier would be necessary to boost the signal strength. At this point an accurate quote would be provided.

We operate 6 days per week to give our customers the flexibility of week-end installs, and under normal weather conditions we can offer a same day service.

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