TV Aerials

Aerial Installation & Repairs

DAB Digital supply and install a wide range of digital TV aerials capable of receiving Freeview and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) and analogue radio aerials.

We will call at your property and provide you with a free quotation on the right aerial Installation for your requirements.

New Aerial Installation & Upgrades

  • Freeview Digital Aerial
  • Aerial Bracket & Mast
  • Digital Grade Low Loss Cable
  • Amplifiers and Distribution Systems if required.
  • 2 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee As Standard

Roof Installations (No Chimney)

Tile & Slate Clamp Bracket

Did you know that it is possible to still mount your TV aerial to the roof without a chimney stack or pole through the roof? With the ingenious Tile & Slate clamp you can secure this to a roof tile and the weight of the tile will hold it in position.

Loft Installations & New Builds

Loft Aerial

It is undoubtedly true that aerials work much better without a roof in the way of the transmissions, but that said TV antennas can work reasonably well in lofts provided your signal strength is reasonable and the aerial is professionally installed using a high quality signal meter for a trouble free installation.

Unfortunatly  some people have no choice as there may be planning restrictions on outside antennas or access problems may be too severe.

We can advise and carry out a signal test at your property to see if this would be a suitable installation option.

Aerial Spikes & Bird Control

Seagulls and other birds may often use your aerial as a convenient place to perch, some have even been known to attack it! The answer is an aerial bird spike installation.

We’ve had many clients whose aerial overhangs a patio or garden area. If the aerial cannot be repositioned, they have often found it necessary to discourage birds from resting directly above them there are a few ways we help with this

Solution one – Fit bird spikes to any surface that a bird could perch on, as the spikes are plastic they have no affect on the Signal at all, 

Solution two – Install a new bracket and cranked mast so that the aerial was now over the roof and not the drive  so if the birds managed to sit on the aerial the mess would drop onto the roof tiles and not the car.

so if you are having bird mess problems give us a call and we can come up with a solution.

Aerial Repairs & Signal Problems

If you have a pixelating picture or have lost signal completely DAB Digital can help.We are fully equipped to tackle any TV signal problems. We carry a large stock of replacement parts so we can get your TV picture back up and running in one visit.

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